Brown, Massey, Evans, McLeod & Haynsworth, LLC | General Civil Litigation
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General Civil Litigation

Our attorneys have a broad-based, statewide litigation practice. We have appeared in most, if not all, venues in South Carolina. We have represented numerous insurers and self-insured’s (including numerous governmental agencies and entities) in negligence and/or civil rights cases.  We work in a cooperative, trust relationship with our clients to ensure mutual participation in the strategic defense of each case.

We work with our clients to determine the appropriateness of:

Construction and Real Estate Litigation
  •    Construction Defects
  •    Real Estate Litigation
  •    Lease Disputes
  •    Evictions
  •    Disputes involving easements and rights of way
  •    Foreclosures


Equitable Actions
  •    Preliminary and Permanent Injunctions
  •    Specific Performance
  •    Constructive and Resulting Trusts


Negligence Litigation
  •     Personal Injury
  •     Product Liability
  •     Medical Malpractice
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